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Guidance for Visitors

At Newbury Manor we have been reducing the number of visitors into our Homes to protect our residents, but now we need to go further. From now on we will be unable to accept visitors into our care homes until further notice.

This has been a really difficult decision to make but we are sure that it is the best course of action that we can take at this moment in time.

We are asking relatives and friends to stop their visits to loved ones, so that we can protect them from the risks of coronavirus transmission.

We understand this will be unsettling and difficult for some families, but it is not a decision we would be taking but for the current exceptional circumstances. Our priority at the moment must be to minimise any risk to the health of our residents.

Of course, we recognise that it is vitally important both for you and for our residents that you are able to stay in touch. We do not want you to lose contact with your loved one, so we will ensure we keep everyone in touch by arranging video calls, phone calls and emails or messaging.

If you require this service to take place please call the office so this can be arranged.

If you have any questions for our homes we will try and answer them as quickly as we can. Please discuss your particular concerns with the relevant Home Management team so that we can arrange the right kind of communication for you and your loved one.

If a resident is receiving end of life care, we will of course arrange visits to the Care home, however we will have to ensure you are not displaying any Coronavirus symptoms. We will have to ask questions about your health before we allow you to visit – we understand this may be distressing, but we have to do this. Hopefully you can understand this at this time.

All of our relatives have been fantastic so far, and we want to reassure you that we are doing the very best we can to keep all your loved ones in good spirits, safe and well.

As soon as we have any further updates we will contact you.

Diane Williams

Home Manager